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AVR ATxmega Development Board with ATxmega128A1U

AVR ATxmega Development Board with ATxmega128A1U
52,90 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.

AVR32 Development Module

AVR32 Development Module

45,90 EUR

incl. 19 % Tax excl.

(Netto: 38,57 EUR)

Shipping time: 1 Week

Product No.: AL400
For further information, please visit the homepage of this product.
JTAG + site pin connectors:
not soldered (ArtNr.: AL400_UNSOLD)   + 1,50 EUR
soldered (ArtNr.: AL400_SOLD)   + 6,50 EUR

Model: AL-UC3CDB



- Controller: Atmel AVR32 AT32UC3C0512C up to 66 MHz

- Equipment:

• linear voltage regulator 3.3V
• microSD card slot
• reset and boot key
• Power LED
• JTAG interface
• 2x quartz and 1x additional quartz place
• 113x external I/O

- optional equipment:

• JTAG connector
• site pin connectors

- Voltage Supply:

• external 3.3V (pin)
• external 5,0-12V (pin)
• USB 5V

- Board size:
W x H x D 84 mm x 48 mm x 7 mm

- Temperature:

• -25°C up to +70°C with microSD card slot
• -40°C up to +70°C without microSD card slot

- Quartz:
• 12MHz
• 32.768KHz
• additional quartz place



- Compatibility:
compatible with hole matrix board 2.54 mm

- Circuit:
built on the recommendation of the manufacturers

- Programming:

• JTAG MKII connector or
•  USB Boot Loader

- Pin configuration JTAG:
10-pin, standard of Atmel

- Functionality: tested, ready to use

- Conformity:
RoHS Compliance

- Produced
in Germany

Scope of delivery: 

- 1 AVR32 Module
- optional equipment, if any chosen
- invoice with 2 years guarantee



Programmer  here...

MicroSD card  here...

USB cable type A/miniB

IC sockets 2x 1/40   here...


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Quartz 7.3728 - 16 MHz

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Sunday, 29. July 2012.

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